The tax and accounting team at Nugent & Associates, located in Sarasota County Florida, is here to help small businesses and families with all their tax, accounting, investment and retirement needs in order to achieve their goals.

We are ready and able to become your trusted adviser, delivering the services you need, when you need them, from accounting and bookkeeping to tax planning. Our specialty areas include assisting our clients with wealth preservation, investment planning, business acquisition and expansion, as well as internal control setup to prevent business theft and waste.

We have tried to make LessenMyTaxes.com your go-to source for a vast array of accounting, tax, investment, retirement and tuition planning concerns, to name a few.

What we do:

In short, Nugent & Associates helps entrepreneurs realize their financial dreams in life by analyzing their business activity and offering clear and concrete advice to optimize cash flows and reduce taxes to the lowest amount legally possible. In short, we are business doctors. Our sole purpose as experts in our field is to help our client succeed in business. That's it, it is really that simple.

Anyone can crunch numbers into a computer to prepare your tax return and financial statements. There is software out their to do that nowadays. What business owners want is a professional adviser, a business doctor if you will, who is fully aware of the goings-on of the client's business and ready to assist that client in fulfilling amazing business growth and success.

From there, we assist our client with his/her personal wealth growth; we layout steps to provide for their children's higher education, research the best health plan coverages, structure a sound and rewarding retirement plan to last well into retirement, and if so sought, prepare the next generation to take over the reigns after the client retires.

If pressed to describe what we do in just a few words ... we are wealth builders for our clients..

That is what we believe, that is what we strive to do every business day.

Who we are: We are you
About Our CEO:

"I grew up in a classic blue collar family. Truth be told, I would say my family was lower middle class when I was a young teenager in the late 70s/early 80s, but I didn't know it then. My father was a Teamster 560 truck driver with a GED education (thanks to my mom insisting he get it, and tutoring him to get it once they married) and my mom was a part-time office typist. There was absolutely nothing special about my family .... on face value. Though we didn't have much money, and hand-me-downs were a real thing in my family, my parents assured us kids 3 things:

  • A clean home in a safe neighborhood;
  • Fed good healthy food; and most importantly,
  • The best education working parents could provide their children, no matter the struggle.

All of us kids went to the very top private schools anyone could attend in the New York City area, no matter one's station in life, again, thanks to my parents. And that experience has given me the desire to help struggling parents pass that same advantage to their children. The benefits are truly life changing.

As years passed, and I graduated college and soon became a CPA, and then post-graduate MBA school, my parents started buying "2 families", "3 families", "4 families", then small garden apartments and eventually large garden apartments. I was with them every step of the way. Mostly in analyzing the seller's books and financial records to the detail and then recommending to my parents the ideal price to offer the seller to return my parents the best possible return on their investment as well as utilizing every tax deduction available, once they bought it, to keep their taxes low if not offer a nice tax shelter. But my parents also reminded me of humility as I was also expected to chip in with sweat equity to help the family prosper.

This life experience of mine and what it did for my folks, inspite of their economic disadvantages at the onset, drives me to offer the same experience and knowledge to others. I absolutely love seeing people succeed. I am a livid, true believing, capitaist. I believe any individual in the USA can exceed to their greatest desires with hard work with the right experts to guide them along the way."

-- Ed Nugent, MCSD, CPA

Our People:

Like you, we at Nugent & Associates have families we care about. We too have goals and desires for our family from education and investments to retirement planning. We, like you, have taxes to pay, expenses to monitor and growth to plan for our business. We, like you, strive to find every available tax deduction for ourselves and our family members. Like you, we look to ensure our parents are well prepared for retirement and our children are well prepared for college.

Tuition Planning and First Time Home Buying
We know you because we are you

We consider our clients as family members too. We take it personally that it is our responsibility to help our clients pay the lowest taxes possible. We know their concerns for their children's education, and for their older children, buying that first home.

Millenial Entrepreneurialism

Some of our clients are aspiring young entrepreneurs, saddled with tens of thousands if not over $100,000 in student loans. We understand their concerns about a bright future while struggling with all that debt.

Succession Planning

We have clients who own businesses and are ready to pass the baton to the next generation and are concerned for their children's success:

  • "Do they have the experience and know how?"
  • "Do they have the insight that comes with years of experience to be successful?"
  • "How can I minimize income taxes when transferring the business to them?"

These are just some of the questions our clients raise to us. We recognize and appreciate that our clients, in these circumstances, look to us to help shepherd that next generation into a thriving environment once they take the reins from their parents while minimizing any tax consequences that may result in the transfer.

Rental Investments

Some of our clients look to buy rental property and some another existing business. We understand and appreciate that they expect us to offer them hard and proven numbers as to the cost of acquisitions. We know the tax advantages and consequences need to be spelled out before they make a decision and we know they see us as the ones to provide them this information, accurately and timely.

Retirement Planning and Elder Care

We have clients with parents close to retirement age, or near retirement age themselves. We know they want to be able to fund their retirement as much as possible and we provide solutions to that end.

Business Growth and Expansion

Some of our clients are in the throes of a growth explosion and critical, timely analysis is required. Every major transaction, every decision, every strategic plan needs to be monitored to test its effectiveness to their goals. We know all these thoughts and concerns of yours, because we, like you, share them about ourselves and family as well. We know what you are striving to achieve in life for you and your family, because we are you.

Over 3 Decades Experience

We know and appreciate all this because we have been providing our clients with expert accounting, bookkeeping, tax, investment and retirement planning services for over 30 years. Nugent & Associates primarily serves businesses and individuals in the metropolitan areas of Manatee, Sarasota, Charlotte and Lee counties in the great state of Florida. We have been serving clients as their Florida tax, bookkeeping and accounting service for many years in Bradenton, Sarasota, Osprey, Nokomis, Venice, North Port, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Cape Coral, and Fort Myers to name a few.

We are Different

We also made it our mission statement to provide the best website for tax, financial, investment and retirement planning in the area. Our website goes into great lengths to cover as many topics people like you have an interest in, because no two people have the same concerns. We invite you to spend as much time as you want reviewing the nearly 900 topics discussed. We have over 40 videos on all matters of tax, finance, accounting, bookkeeping and retirement issues. We have nearly four dozen informational PDF's that are free and available for you to download.

While our website, nor any of the information contained on this site constitutes professional, business, tax or legal advice and is not a substitute for such advice nor does it create a accountant-client relationship between you and Nugent & Associates, we welcome you to contact us with any questions you may have.

Free Business Checkup
Hey Business Owner:

We welcome you to contact us for a free and no-obligation checkup of your business. We will visit you at your location at a time of your convenience (except Sundays) between the hours of 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM. We will spend the needed amount of time to truly understand your business and your concerns. Once completed, we will provide you a detailed and written write-up of your business' health with specific suggestions to improve matters and to achieve the goals you raised in our meeting.

We are Serious About Your Business' Success

As an added sign of appreciation for all who become new monthly or quarterly business clients of Nugent & Associates, we will pay, while under our service, for the first 12 months of your subscription to QuickBooks Online Plus Plan (excluding payroll), whether you are an existing QuickBooks subscriber or not. That amounts to a $840 savings to you!

We gladly make this gift available to any new monthly or quarterly business client of ours, because it is our way of demonstrating:

At Nugent & Associates, "we succeed when you succeed!"

Free Visit, No Cost, No Obligation, Get a Business Checkup from a Certified Public Accountant for FREE!

Let us help you succeed. There is no fee or obligation. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain to have a CPA recommend unique suggestions for your business' success. Take advantage to have a CPA review your business with a Free Checkup.

Feel free to download any of our latest informational brochures.

At Nugent & Associates, we're not just number crunchers. We bring over 3 decades of invaluable certified public accounting and tax expertise to your company – serving as business and financial strategists who can offer such services as tax and financial planning, investment advice, diligent financial records, and help with estate planning.

Even better, we will give you time to focus on what you do best: running the day-to-day operations that drive your business toward success.

Take advantage of our FREE and no obligation business checkup.

We will visit you at your business at a time and day convenient for you, analyze your numbers, discuss your goals and concerns and report back with a complimentary detailed written analysis to help your business succeed!

At Nugent & Associates, we're not just number crunchers. Our people bring decades of invaluable certified public accounting and financial and tax expertise to you – offering tax and financial strategies to individuals such as yourself. If you have any questions or concerns about your own tax, financial or investment matters, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Experienced tax and financial experts are not just for the super rich. At a reasonable fee you too can maximize your wealth and receive professional guidance for retirement, and/or any tax issues you may be facing, no matter your situation, with a tax and financial expert as your consultant.

Contact Nugent & Associates today. We don't charge for phone calls. You may just find you found an ally in your quest to have a great financial future.

After all, at Nugent & Associates, we succeed when you succeed!



This page is intended to be informational. This website, nor any of the information contained on this site constitutes professional, business, tax or legal advice and is not a substitute for such advice nor does it create a professional-client relationship between you and Nugent & Associates.

State and federal laws change frequently, and the information in this page may not reflect your own state’s laws or the most recent changes to the law.

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Tax Planning & Preparation

We assist our clients in individual and business tax planning throughout the year.

Nugent & Associates provides:
  • Year-Round analysis to ensure a smooth and predictable year-end close.
  • Assist in establishing retirement planning.
  • Performs in-depth review of all deductions available.

Financial Statements

Nugent & Associates offers outstanding accounting services and acts as a quasi-controller for companies who do not employ their own full-time accountants.

This allows our clients with more time to focus on new services, new customers and other core business issues.

Business Planning, Budgeting
& Growth Strategies

Nugent & Associates assists it clients with:
  • Starting a new venture, product or service
  • Expanding a current organization, product or service
  • Buying a new business, product or service
  • Turning around a declining business

QuickBooks Training
& Support Services

As Certified QuickBooks Professional Advisors, we can be of assistance with QuickBooks accounting or payroll and help increase your productivity and efficiency.